Since November 2014, Outreach Smartphone Monitoring has provided smart supervision starting at $1 per day. Along with active GPS and Alcohol monitoring, Outreach provides case management, inclusion and exclusion zones, curfew monitoring, court and testing reminders, rehabilitative resources, remote evaluations and much more.

Outreach provides live 24/7/365 monitoring of all check-ins generated from our electronic monitoring devices. In the last 12 months, Outreach's monitoring Center has reviewed more than 2 million check-ins totaling nearly 1 million minutes of check-in data. We understand the vital role our Monitoring Center operators play and as such, staff our center with highly-trained, individuals.

R Multiple Violation Notifications Methods
R 24/7 Customer Support
R Redundant Data Processing
R Operator Training

Active GPS Monitoring
24/7 GPS tracking which inclusion/exclusion zones and curfew monitoring.

Blood Alcohol Monitoring
Monitor subject's BAC with a state of the art bluetooth breathalyzers from BACtrack.

Violation Alerts
All violations are sent immediately via text messages (SMS) or Email. If you want, OSM will even respond to violation for you.

Court and Event Reminders
Remind subjects of important events automatically to reduce failure to appear rates.

Video Verification
Industry leader in subject identification and detection of device tampering. Static photos do not mitigate the risk envolved.

Incentives & Sanctions
Provide a wide range of resources to subjects while reinforcing postive behavior automatically with our robust